Students need to identify a goal, based on areas or topics of interest to them. They will be assessed on the following strand in criterion A:

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Students should develop a goal that they can accomplish, but which challenges their knowledge, skills or techniques in an appropriate way. Goals should be achievable based on the time and resources available. Some proposed projects may require overly complex procedures or a process of learning that is too lengthy. Other projects may be too simplistic and present no challenge to the student. Deciding whether a project is realistic or unrealistic for a student will be based on discussions between the student and the supervisor.

What's the difference between a Basic, Challenging and Highly Challenging goal?

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Consider the number of verbs you have in the goal. The more verbs, the greater the likelihood of learning and challenge. For example:


The following chart illustrates some examples of challenging and highly challenging personal project goals.

Challenging goal
Highly challenging goal
A Student documents his or her self-taught skills of photography.
A student documents his or her neighborhood through a photography exhibition.
A student creates a durable bag using second-hand materials.
A student creates a range of bags using second-hand materials to exhibit at the local arts centre.
A student writes an article on a topic of interest for a journal (school/academic/special interest) and submits it to an audience.
A student writes and publishes an original book-length feature on a topic of interest.

Examples of weak versus strong goal statements:


I will analyze the American presidential election of 2016 by looking at demographics of voters based on age, gender and race.
The project is not realistic because it is too big
I will teach myself to speak Greek
The project is too vague. How will you know when you have achieved your goal? What level of proficiency do you expect to achieve? Do you want to be able to order a meal at a restaurant or comfortably give a 10 minute speech?


Create a preliminary strategic plan for action for a "green school" policy to potentially be implemented at ERHS by the end of the school year.
The statement is specific. A "preliminary strategic plan" is precise. The topic of the plan is identified as is the audience who will receive the plan.
Direct and produce a community performance of the musical Rent ready for April 2015.
The goal is specific and will be measured when the play is presented as scheduled.
I will record on video a 10 minute sports show on three fall sports that are played at ERHS.
The goal can be measured when it is presented. The number of sports to be discussed is specific

Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.

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